Information on the 495 paper - Industry Experience 4

The 495 industry experience course is a NET delivered course, which runs over the summer from early November to early February. Students search for and find their own host organisation, anywhere in the world, that agrees to take them on for 4 to 13 weeks during the summer period. There are no on-campus lectures or meetings.

A 30 minute video which explains further details of how the 495 works is available through the following link:
Video Link

If you are a BMS student, the regulations for the BMS degree require that each student complete one of the following courses as part of their BMS/BMS(Hons):

The 495 is a new Paper, offered as an alternative to the others from 2014 onwards

There will be a paper for each major subject.

The 495 course consists of two main components.

  1. The experience component consists of the student imbedded full time with a host organisation as an employee for 4-13 weeks, over the summer period from early November to early February. Students are required to find their own host organisation and have it approved. Students may be able (or not) to arrange for their host organisations to pay them for their services during this time.
  2. The academic component consists of the following:
    • Research topics. Students select three research topics of their own choice, each supported by a purchased textbook, which they will undertake during the course. It is expected students will put in a total of at least 60 hours work investigating and learning about these topics during the course. Building capability to undertake self-directed learning on topics of specific interest to each student is the intended outcome.
    • Weekly contributions to a small group electronic discussion group of other students about their experiences and reflections during their workplace experiences.
    • A report due at the end of the course reflecting on their experiences with the host organisation, and reporting on the results of their self-directed research topic learning.
    • A self assessment on their experience, reflecting on what skills they have, and what skills they need to improve on, and what additional training and experience they need to acquire to operate successfully as a professional employee in their future career.
If you are sure at this point you wish instead to pursue one of the 499 or 496 paths, you can close this screen now.

If the 495 course seems to fit what you want to do, and you wish to pursue this 495 path to complete the BMS degree regulation, or if you are not sure which path you wish to follow, You can continue to register interest in a 495 and make a final decision later.